Betko Water Stewardship Project

Jan 16, 2023 | Sustainability

Sustainability is a fundamental principle that determines the point of departure for all our activities at Delecta. Sustainable production projects towards a ‘greener’ future are steadily implemented in partnership with our producers, making a meaningful contribution to an advanced, more valuable and environmentally friendly agriculture.

With agriculture and production being part of the thirstiest water consumers globally, we recognise our responsibility in protecting, restoring and renewing this precious resource while supporting healthy ecosystems and economic development. This places water at the core of sustainable development throughout our agricultural supply chain and production systems.

Betko, Delecta producer and shareholder, has recognised the lack of a reliable source of clean, fresh water for their packhouse in Villiersdorp. Here water is predominantly used to safely transport fruit throughout the packhouse without causing physical damage. Together with NuWater, they have designed and implemented a consistent, reliable and regenerative water treatment project with minimum operator intervention while providing added value and convenience for day-to-day operations.

This water project consists of two Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plants to treat raw feed water, and one Media Filtration Water Treatment Plant to circulate packhouse water. The Ultrafiltration plants treat up to 400 kL/ of feed water per day, while the Media Filtration plant treats and circulates 55 m3 of packouse water per hour. All three plants are designed to ensure maximum water recovery along with optimised electricity and chemical consumption.

Further, each plant is fitted with robust and reliable mechanical and electrical equipment while ensuring streamlined service and maintenance requirements. The clean water running through the system also greatly benefits the sustainability and durability of other machinery and equipment throughout the packhouse.

Roux Groenewald, Manager at Betko is excited about how this project will positively impact future operations at the packhouse and is already planning their next stewardship project of natural systems and resources.