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Quality Control


Delecta Fruit has an experienced and high qualified team managing quality from orchard to retailer. Managing the client specification is our priority in every packing facility. Our technical team has developed a set of export standards for every variety to ensure that each variety reaches the market having optimum shelf life and taste.

The technical team applies client-specific packaging guidelines in each packing facility. Orchards are visited in a timely manner to ensure optimal harvesting maturity and quality. Packing facilities are visited on a daily basis to ensure that technical and quality aspects are adhered to. Quality feedback from orchards and packing facilities is given to the marketing team and clients on a regular basis.

The technical team works in conjunction with the Food Safety team to ensure that all specifications are met according to client stipulations. Delecta Fruit conforms to all Food Hygiene and Safety regulations listed, in order to protect and promote the consumer’s good health and safety.

The team arranges weekly tastings per variety to test shelf life and eating quality. Delecta manages fruit temperature during and after packing as well as the full transit period ensuring our product arrives in the best condition for optimal shelf life and taste.

stone fruit


Apricots and plums are the most popular stone fruit and is enjoyed by many.

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Apples and pears are the most popular fruit varieties in this division.

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Not only is this an enjoyable fruit, but raisins and wine also comes from grapes.

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A popular fruit to make sure you get enough Vitamin C and to keep away the colds.

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