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Luca grape variety taking ground

The red seedless table grape variety, Luca, was brought into South Africa in 2001 by Sir De Villiers Graaff. Today, almost 18 years later, Luca has grown in popularity and demand in both the local and international market.

The cultivar holds promise for commercial producers due to its late maturity and seedless, crisp berries. The cultivar extends the availability of seedless table grapes into the late fall, potentially expanding the late-season market for red seedless grapes. We introduced this cultivar to growers in 2014.

Characterised by its deep purple colour, oval shape and distinctly sweet taste, this variety is not only more cost effective to produce than its competitor, Crimson, but produces better and colours easier too.

Originally founded in the USA, Luca grapes are currently grown in the Hex river region on The Pines farm, which is owned by Graaff Fruit.

Delecta Fruit is proud to be the exclusive marketer, distributor and exporter of Luca grapes within South Africa and abroad.

Delecta Fruit’s Grape Category Manager, Dirk Lategan says that he is excited about the growth potential of this unique cultivar. “As the only producers and distributors of the Luca variety in South Africa, Delecta and Graaff Fruit are in a very desirable situation. We offer a quality variety with ample potential that is still new to many local and international buyers.”


The Pines in Hex River, owned by Graaff-Fruit.

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