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Kalos Farming: Pursuing the good and praiseworthy

‘Kalos’: that which is intrinsically “good”; “fair”, “beautiful”, “praiseworthy” and “noble”.

With a name like ‘Kalos’ it is not surprising that Kalos Farming is a successful fifth generation farming operation with an exceptionally rich family heritage. Daniel Goosen and his wife Lilian are currently farming on a part of the original Waboomsrivier farm, on which the picturesque town Prince Alfred’s Hamlet outside of Ceres, was founded upon.

After the sudden death of his father Gerhard in 1991, Daniel took over the reins and has been farming ever since. Over the last 28 years Daniel has developed more production units and also added a pack store with cooling facilities to their offering.

Kalos Farming is one of Delecta Fruit’s many producers in the Ceres area, and they have been marketing and exporting their fruit with us since 2000.

We met up with Daniel last week to find out a bit more:

Which fruit variety have you been growing for the longest period of time?

Pears and Yellow Cling Peaches – these were the fruit varieties that were already growing when I took over the farm.

What do you currently farm with?

We currently grow stone fruit (nectarines, dessert peaches, yellow cling peaches and plums) and pome fruit (pears and apples). We also farm with grain, cattle, sheep and dry fruit.

What philosophy do you base your farming operation on?

To be accountable for the things which God entrusted me with, to enjoy that which was given to me and to actively live out my passion for farming. God and my wife, Lilian are my inspirations.


(Daniel en Lilian Goosen)

What farming advice (be it from your father, grandfather, or anyone in the farming community) do you still follow today?

I have a few mentors in my life who have taught me various important things and have instilled wisdom in me. To name a few which will have really impacted me and which I strive to live by:

  • “Always be humble”
  • “Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture”
  • “Don’t allow your current situation to overwhelm you”

Furthermore, I believe in the importance of good communication and strive to daily implement this in my business.

I also believe in the value of always trying to do something right and properly the very first time.

Who are the main role players in the success of Kalos?

Kalos is managed by a great management team, which is made up of individuals who each fulfill an important role –  without which we won’t be able to operate.

Our fruit departments are managed by Paul Daniel Marais and Dawid Brand. Our grain and cattle departments are managed by Andre Louw and Jaco Greyling.  Sonja Stofberg is responsible for the packing department.

No operation can be successful without a competitive administration team, which we are so grateful for. They include my wife Lilian Goosen, Karen Erasmus, Lindie le Roux, Mariaan Dirks en Koba Sass.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-31 at 09.05.18  WhatsApp Image 2019-05-31 at 09.05.12

(Left – Dawid Brand, Jaco Greyling, Daniel Goosen and Paul Daniel Marais)

(Right – Karen Erasmus, Lindie le Roux, Sussana Coetzee, Daniel Goosen, Cashandra Kamfer, Sonja Stofberg and Mariaan Dirks)

In closing, what advice would you give less experienced, or even new, fruit farmers?

Live close to God, believe in yourself, work hard and never give up! Choose your mentors carefully and build a strong team around yourself – you cannot do it all on your own!

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The Kalos Team:

 Jaco Greyling – Manager of Grain and Cattle
Dawid Brand – Manager of Perdefontein Fruit
Paul Daniel Marais – Manager of Waboomskraal Fruit
Mariaan Dirks – Admin clerk & Créche
Daniel Goosen – Director & Owner
Cashandra Kamfer – Admin Pack Store
Lindie le Roux – Office Manager
Sonja Stofberg – Pack Store Manager
Sussana Coetzee – Dispatch Pack Store & Globalgap
Karen Erasmus – Financial Manager

Not pictured: Koba Williams – Receptionist at Kalos Pack Store

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