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Delecta’s Grapes division

Delecta’s Grapes division

Delecta Fruit works with suppliers that share our passion for excellence and that strive to produce good quality fruit.

We focus on sustainable marketing channels with our customers by having availability on red, white and black varieties from early to late season whilst promoting our own brand. Working in close collaboration with both our supply base as well receivers allow us place fruit in the best possible markets.

We further extend our service by means of an in-house quality, food safety and logistical department which allows us to monitor the entire supply chain.

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Grape Types Available

White (Seedless and Seeded)

white grapes

Red (Seedless and Seeded)

red grapes

Black (Seedless and Seeded)

black grapes


Delecta’s Grapes division areas:

Namibia, Upington, Western Cape, Mpumalanga.

Delecta's Grapes division areas: Namibia, Upington, Western Cape, Mpumalanga

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