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Food Safety


Delecta Fruit has been IFS broker accredited since 2011. International featured standards (IFS) broker verifies whether exporters/agents have implemented appropriate measures in their processes to ensure that their supplies operate in accordance with food safety and quality requirements whilst monitoring compliance in order for the products supplied to meet legal requirements and contractual specifications.

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Due diligence

All of our producers are global gap accredited validating our supply base’s commitment to producing fruit according to good agricultural practices. We continuously evaluate our supply base in order to ensure that all produce are allocated to markets best suited for both producer and receiver. We assist our supply base in order to comply with all accreditations standard criteria, including:

Our aim is to supply good quality product that complies with our various receiver’s requirements, from harvest up until the point where it is received by our customer.

Food safety

Maximum chemical residue level & spray records

Monitoring of active ingredients and associated detection levels are done by means of chromatographic analysis. All samples are analysed by SANAS accredited laboratories as stated below:

In order to stay up to date with the latest update regarding pesticides and legislation we refer to the websites below:

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